How do I setup my Personal Web page and how do I access them from a browser?

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So you want to create your personal web page. Here are the steps to take and instructions on how to do them.

  1. Write the HTML file.

  2. Transfer it to your personal public_html directory on our web server.

Specific details on the process:


 Many resources exist on the net to teach you how to write HTML. A good place to start is to go to Yahoo (, then go to Computers and Internet/Internet/World Wide Web.

A great program to allow beginners to write simple web pages is WebWizard for Windows. To download the WebWizard, click here.

Once you become more proficient with HTML, you will want a more capable tool. HTML Writer is an excellent Windows-based HTML editor. Download HTML Writer by clicking here.

TIP: You can examine the HTML file for any web page by choosing view source from the browser menu. That way you can see how other people use HTML (no need to reinvent the wheel). You can test your file or files by using your browser. Click "File" from the browser menu, then "Open".

By the way, you need to name your main web page "index.html".  When someone uses their web browser to look into your personal directory, the program looks around for a file called "index.html" and then runs it. If such a file does not exist, the browser displays the contents of the directory. So unless you want strangers examining all your files, use "index.html".


The easiest way to do this is to use the WSFTP program.

When you first start the program, the Session Profile screen appears. Make a profile for Beggs Telephone Company. The Host Name should be, and make sure the box for Anonymous Login is NOT checked.

In the USER ID field, put your account name (NOT your email address). In the PASSWORD field, put your account password. At the bottom of the Session Profile screen, under Initial Directories/Remote Host, type "public_html" (minus the quote marks). Click OK. You will be connected to your personal public_html directory on our web server.

The right half of the WSFTP screen shows our web server. You will see your files appear in the lower right-hand window as you transfer them to our web server.

The left half of the WSFTP screen shows your local machine. It will probably be pointing to your WSFTP directory. Navigate your way around your local directories until you see your .htm files (and any .gif files you are using), and click on the right arrow in the middle of the screen. This will transfer each file to our web server. Once you have transferred them, select each .htm file you have put on our machine by single-clicking the file and use the "Rename" button to rename them as .html files.

One you have completed these steps and you want to access your Personal Web Page point your browser to "" replacing someone with your Account name.

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