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Packaged Services

Call Package-Caller ID Name and Number, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Return, and Call Screening. $12.00/Month

Call Plus Package-Call Package, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, 8 Number Speed Dialing, and Intercom Service. $15.00/Month

Individual Services

Call Forwarding-allows you to have your calls redirected from your phone number to another phone number. $2.00/Month

*Call Forwarding Busy Line-redirects your calls to another number when your number is busy. $1.00/Month

*Call Forwarding Don't Answer-redirects incoming calls to another number if your phone is not answered in a specified number of rings. $1.00/Month

*Remote Activation of Call Forwarding-allows you to activate and deactivate Call Forwarding features from a remote directory number. $1.00/Month

*You must subscribe to Call Forwarding to have these Custom Calling Services.

Call Waiting-informs you with a tone during a phone conversation that another call is waiting to be answered. $2.00/Month

Cancel Call Waiting-allows you to dial a special code to disable Call Waiting for the duration of one call. $1.00/Month

Voice/Data Protection-allows you to dial a special code to disable Call Waiting. Call Waiting remains disabled until feature is deactivated. $1.50/Month

Call Hold-allows you to place someone on hold when you want to initiate a second call, or when you need to talk privately with someone else in the room. $.50/Month

Special Billing Directory Service Number-allows the customer to have all outgoing toll charges billed to any chosen number within the Beggs exchange. $2.00/Month

Selective Call Transfer-allows the customer to transfer a call to another extension by dialing an access code. This feature allows you to have three different distinctive rings. The calls can only be transferred to extensions served by the same line. $1.00/Month

Three-Way Calling-allows you to add a third party to an existing phone conversation. $2.00/Month

Three-Way Call Transfer-allows all the privileges of Three-Way Calling, plus Call Transfer. Call Transfer allows the customer to disconnect from a three-way conference call allowing remaining parties to continue the conversation. Also allows  you to transfer an existing call to another person. $2.50/Month

Intercom Service-allows you to call other extensions on the same telephone line, so you can speak to someone in another building or different part of the house. $.50/Month

Personal Ringing-allows your phone line to have up to three phone numbers, each having its own unique ringing pattern. There is a monthly fee of $3.00 for each telephone number assigned to the original number.

Do Not Disturb-allows you to prevent calls from ringing your phone by diverting them to a tone or recorded announcement. $2.00/Month

Speed Calling-allows you to call selected phone numbers by dialing a one- or two- digit code. There are two types of Speed Dialing. Short List-allows you to create a list of up to eight frequently dialed numbers. $2.00/Month Long List-allows you to create a list of up to thirty frequently dialed numbers. $3.00/Month

Assistance Line Service (Warm Line)-allows a predetermined phone number to be automatically dialed if you take your phone off the hook and do not dial any digits within a certain period of time. $2.00/Month

Direct Access Service (Hot Line)-connects your line to a preprogrammed telephone number as soon as you lift the handset. $2.00/Month

Toll Restriction-restricts your telephone line from dialing long distance calls. $2.00/Month

Toll Restriction Control With PIN-allows you to override the Toll Restriction feature by dialing an access code and PIN number. $3.00/Month

Applicable service charges apply per feature, per line, in addition to these rates.

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